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Devoteam announces its strategic plan 2020: Scale!

A target of €1 billion of revenue in 2020

2016 revenue expected at €555 million with 8.5% operating margin.

Devoteam presents Scale!, its strategic plan for 2020.  In keeping with the EAGLE plan, launched in 2012, Devoteam affirms its capacity to combine growth, profitability and innovation.

Since its creation, Stanislas and Godefroy de Bentzmann, co-founders of Devoteam, have made strong strategic choices. As Stanislas de Bentzmann states:

Proximity and agility have enabled us to become a major player in management and innovative technology consulting, in Europe and in the Middle East.
The Group is in a favorable position to carry out its ambitious development, focusing our energy and investments on targeted offers, in the countries where we are already present, closest to major Cloud publishers.
The strong entrepreneurial spirit that drives our teams must remain a fundamental pillar of Devoteam, and we reinforce it with more synergies at the Group level

Strong financial foundations

The EAGLE strategic plan launched in 2012 enabled Devoteam to regain one of the best profit and growth levels in the market thanks to the structuring of its operating model and the rationalization of its activities.

Scale! capitalizes on this solid position to secure the Group’s growth and accelerate innovation.

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