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Devoteam develops a Central Services Platform for improved business performance

Devoteam empowered its client, a wholesale unit of an important telecom company, to win and maintain major multinational companies as customers.

Main challenges

Our client manages worldwide telecommunication services such as VPNs, mobility, International Voice IP and ISPs. Their challenges included organising their end customers and their own internal teams to work efficiently and defining their very complex business in solid service specifications.

These service specifications then needed to be implemented and deployed company-wide, covering even services provided by third parties.
Billing was another important challenge, as all the services requested and deployed needed to be invoiced to the end-customer organisation. During customer setup it was necessary to capture 100% of existing services in order to generate valid invoices.
Integrating the solution into the customer intranet was also challenging, as it had to be seen to be part of their own IT services.

What did we solve?

Our customer’s challenges included:

  • Standardising the internal organisation of many departments in order for them to work together.
  • Organizing the end customers to also operate in the same efficient manner.
  • Aligning the services they provided directly, and those delivered through subcontractors in more than 20 countries, to meet the customer’s needs.
  • Formally defining a complex and variable service catalog, then integrating it into workflow processes.
  • Establishing an accurate inventory of all initial services and reliably generating invoices for the entire international customer organisation, as well as for national billing.
  • Deploying and maintaining a 24/7 cloud solution tied into the customer’s intranet.

We rapidly deployed our best engineers and business champions to begin designing and prototyping, while ramping up a large team of developers to implement, test, document, train and deploy the solution. We worked very closely with the customer throughout this process and shared their risk, both technically and financially.

Main benefits for the customer

The new end-customer setup cost in the service platform is now considered to be the key performance indicator, as account profitability depends on low setup costs and low incremental costs.

Without this solution it was simply impossible to reach these complex multinational companies.  The clearest indicator of success is the large number of new customers won: already 10 and growing quickly.